weight loss and hair loss

Weight Loss and Hair Loss

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weight loss and hair loss. Slimming quickly is the goal we usually set when there is a key date marked on our calendar. See an important event (a wedding, an important party or a celebration) or simply the arrival of summer (which is getting closer and closer). Be that as it may, when this happens we always want to show our best appearance, so sometimes we resort to fast diets or miracle diets that help achieve visible results … as soon as possible.


The professionals of Vanitas Espai always advise that when it comes to weight loss, there is planning and a change of lifestyle (from sedentary lifestyle to physical activity; from patriotism to anti-cellulite and reducing treatments; from food intake without reflection to healthy diet, etc.), but we know that this is not always possible. Well, not everyone is willing to sacrifice or change their habits.

So, for cases where you want to lose weight fast, we recommend that you talk to a nutritionist to help you achieve the desired goal without sacrificing health.

Because, yes, losing weight abruptly and without advice can have very harmful consequences for our body. Not only can we suffer the consequences of an unbalanced diet and lack of certain nutrients, minerals or vitamins, but, in addition, we can see how suddenly our skin becomes flaccid and how our hair falls out.

Hair, as you well know, is extremely sensitive. However strong and healthy we may be, when health fails, it is one of the main indicators that something “in there” is not working well. But also when we feed ourselves badly, it shows, inescapable, that we are failing and not giving everything we need to be beautiful, bright, strong and healthy.

Therefore, if you are thinking about losing weight and you are going to start with your particular bikini diet, keep this in mind. Your hair can suffer the consequences if you don’t act carefully and if you don’t do things right. So if you want to lose weight without sacrificing your hair health, pay attention to these tips.


To burn calories, exercise is the most useful . That’s how it is. Nobody said it was easy. If you simply eat less, you will see how you lose fluids, which translates into slight weight loss. But it is not real. That, as soon as it is lost as it recovers.

Therefore, it is best that you exercise. Find one you like, explore possibilities and find yours. It is the most effective way to lose weight without feeling that you are making a great sacrifice (lack of food).

If you already exercise, it will be enough for you to intensify your sports activity temporarily to enhance the results.


Calories are the energy that food provides us, and reducing them is the key to forcing the body to consume its own reserves. Bet on a light breakfast of skim milk and fruit with whole grains; for the meal salad and chicken or turkey steak, and dinner of vegetable and fish soup. Between hours you can chop fruit or skimmed yogurt. Avoid sweets, fats … And, in general, excesses.

Also, make smaller portions for your dishes, but a larger number of meals a day , you will avoid feeling hungry and help you control yourself. It is important to set a goal and make a balanced menu so as not to deviate and achieve the desired weight.

Of course, this would be a logical suggestion, the typical healthy diet that is recommended, but if you have ambitious goals, it is best to speak with a nutrition professional to track your progress.


Remember that  hydration  is key to a healthy life . But you must run away from carbonated drinks and alcohol. Get in the water and try to drink more than two liters a day.

If you don’t feel capable, maybe this video on how to drink water in a fun way helps you motivate yourself.


Not everything is going to be suffering and making efforts. If you want to lose weight without sacrificing your hair health, in Vanitas Espai body treatments you will find good allies to eliminate fluid retention, to decrease cellulite, to improve skin elasticity … and a long etcetera.

It is best that you come to see us so that you can tell our professionals in person what your goals are and what areas of your body worry you most. They will advise you and the rest is already a piece of cake. With constancy you will get good results.

If you do all this, your hair should not suffer consequences when you lose weight. But, of course, not all hairs are the same. There are some more sensitive than others and you may, despite all the care and efforts, notice that your hair loses strength, vitality and even falls out.


An insufficient diet can lead to hair loss or alopecia due to nutritional deficit . When the body does not receive the fuel needed to function, it decreases its activity in several processes, including the one that generates the hair.

Keep in mind that more than 90% of your hair is made up of proteins, which are necessary for growth to occur . These are obtained from food, but if your diet is poor or unbalanced it damages the health of the hair.


It all depends on how your body is and the health of your hair. Ideally, as we said before, to avoid scares, this does not happen.

It is possible that the irregularity in the growth of the hair is temporary and that it manifests itself in an alopecia generally of the areata type, in the form of depopulated areas of hair in some areas of the skull; but there can also be diffuse alopecia, with hair loss more evenly throughout the skull.


  1. –  During the period of your diet, help yourself with vitamins or specific food supplements for your hair . Check with your dermatologist or pharmacist and let them recommend the best complimentary treatments so that your hair does not suffer.
  2. –  If you dye your hair, it is best that during the time when you are on a diet you opt for hypoallergenic dyes, as they are more respectful with the hair. In addition to avoiding allergies or irritations, you will be able to keep the chemical components of typical dyes at bay, and you will be freeing your hair from unnecessary risks. So if you plan a coloring soon, when you come to Vanitas Espai talk to our hairdressing experts and ask them for a hypoallergenic dye .
  3. –  At home, wash and care for your hair with a specific hair loss hair treatment, which has given many of our clients excellent results in just four weeks. We refer to Nioxin. Nioxin reduces hair loss due to breakage; gives an effect of higher capillary density; It reinforces the elasticity of the hair and eliminates the fat in the scalp, preventing it from clogging the follicle .
  4. –  If your hair is delicate or you think it has lost vitality, bet on a collagen treatment that will recover its shine and splendor. It is one of our most innovative treatments. It not only gives shine and flexibility, but also closes the hair cuticle and makes it look strong, dense and healthy. In addition to that, in Vanitas Espai, as experts in hairdressing and hair care, we offer many other hair treatments that will surely make you feel phenomenal and help you show off stronger, healthier and more full-of-life hair.

That said, let us remind you that we do not want to sound alarming, just provide you with the necessary information so that you understand how important it is to do things well and not in a crazy way.

When you have a few extra pounds, it is good for your health and for our body to lose them. Also, in many cases, it is also for self-esteem, as this is reinforced when we know that we are capable of what we set ourselves and when we achieve our goals. In Vanitas Espai we understand that need perfectly, that is why we are here to help you in everything you need and in everything that is in our hands.

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