7 Mens Weight Loss Tips | Lower Belly Fat

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Mens Weight Loss Tips. For the man to lose abdominal fat, it is necessary to make some simple changes in the diet such as avoiding alcoholic beverages, sugar, and fatty foods, being essential to do a regular physical activity such as running for 45 minutes, 3 times per week or more.

In addition to cardiovascular exercises, it is important to perform muscle exercises such as abdominals, which will help define the abdomen, and squats, which will help strengthen the legs and buttocks. See a routine of muscle exercises.

Thus, the diet in conjunction with regular physical activity is one of the best combinations to lose abdominal fat and, therefore, 7 tips to reduce the belly are:

7 tips to lower the belly (Men)

1. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages

The main cause of abdominal fat in men is the consumption of alcoholic beverages, so the first step to lose the belly is not to drink this type of drinks, choosing to replace alcohol with water or green tea that helps to lose weight. See what the properties of green tea

2. Avoid sugar and fats

Avoid the high consumption of foods rich in sugars and fat, such as cakes, cookies, sorbets, cakes, jellies, pasteurized juices or soft drinks, since excess of this type of food is the main cause of accumulation of abdominal fat

3. Increase consumption of protein foods

It is important to consume foods rich in proteins such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese or yogurt, beans, peas, peas, and soybeans since together with the exercise they will favor the formation of muscle mass. See a list of foods high in protein.

4. Reduce the number of carbohydrates in the diet

It is important to reduce the portion of carbohydrates such as bread, cereals, rice or pasta since its fiber content is very low. Low carb foods such as legumes, vegetables, milk, cheese, yogurt, fish and eggs and, in addition to this, whole carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and brown rice, for example, should be preferred.

5. Eat more fiber-rich foods

Increasing the consumption of fiber in the diet will generate a greater feeling of satiety, which in turn will decrease appetite, with greater control at the metabolic level, since blood sugar will be more controlled, favoring weight loss and abdominal fat.

For this reason, you should eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts, preferring the consumption of soluble fibers that can be found in foods such as peach, banana, pear, strawberries, tangerine or broccoli.

Soluble fibers bind to water and form a thick gel that stays in the intestine, giving a prolonged feeling of satiety and reduced appetite. Learn more about the fibers

6. Get regular physical activity

Putting together aerobic physical activity such as walking, running or swimming with anaerobic exercises such as an abdominal iron, squats, abdominals or lizards is important to reduce the belly, because the exercise will burn the accumulated fat, defining the muscles of the body.

Walking fast or running on the street, beach or in the gym, is an excellent way to increase metabolism and spend energy stored in fat. It is important to avoid injuries to the knees, so you should use proper tennis for walking or running, in addition to following a workout that may or may not be daily.

There is no better time to do physical activity, the important thing is to do it to promote weight loss and to reduce the accumulated fat at the abdominal level.

7. Other tips

It is also important to drink about 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, eat 3 to 3 hours, sleep 7 to 8 hours per night and, mainly maintain this healthy lifestyle, following a proper diet and practicing physical activity regularly. Going to a nutritionist can also be an excellent strategy since it will make a complete nutritional evaluation and create a nutritional plan adapted to the individual needs of the person.

Why is it important to decrease abdominal fat?

Beyond the physical and looking good, the accumulation of fat at the abdominal level is related to an increased risk of long-term cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, stroke, heart attack, increased cholesterol, and triglycerides. Other diseases such as fatty liver, diabetes, and pancreatitis may also arise.

Why do men lose weight faster than women?

Men lose weight faster than women because they have about 20% more muscle volume than they do, resulting in a faster metabolism, that is, they spend more calories to do the same activities as women . Who has less accumulated fat, spends more calories even at rest, because the muscles concentrate a greater amount of mitochondria that are responsible for energy expenditure.

The secret for women to lose weight faster is to incorporate muscle exercises into the routine because they increase the amount of muscle mass and in turn mitochondria that will facilitate weight loss.

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