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Lose weight Walking. Losing the slightest weight can be difficult for anyone. I know it from my own experience.

In October 2011, it weighed almost 150 kilos. He had been obese all his life and had to do something about it. Like many people, I tried dieting and failed with them. All my life I had been worried about my health. Being overweight made me aware of what I looked like. He had low self-esteem, depression and little mental energy. And no confidence in myself.

Joe Hilyar

My diabetes was out of control. My hemoglobin A1c was at 14%. My doctor told me that I would have a heart attack before I turned 50. Not to mention my cholesterol, which was in the clouds. My knees and ankles always hurt. My only option when buying clothes was the Big and Tall store. The seats of cinema, airplanes, restaurants, etc. I  asked myself: “How can I lose weight?” I couldn’t postpone it anymore!

I just started eating healthier, controlling rations and exercising. At that time I had no smartphoneHe literally drove with the car along the route he was going to know how many kilometers he had made. Every time he walked, he pointed it on a paper map. I walked this route for a year, even in the coldest winter months. I woke up in the morning, dressed and went for a walk. Sometimes I couldn’t even get up in the morning from everything that hurt my feet. After walking a few kilometers, the pain was gone.

Joe Hilyar

Here in Minnesota, we have very hard winters. I put on my ski gloves so I wouldn’t freeze. I bought shoes to walk on the ice. Most of my equipment was purchased at savings stores. My kit consisted of Thinsulate boots, wool socks, long polypropylene underwear, military gloves, wool scarf, pants, and a second-hand hunting jacket.

I carried out this routine for a year. I walked more than 1,600 kilometers.

Joe Hilyar

When the next winter arrived, in 2012, I bought my first smartphone. I found the Runtastic app and tried it. After some walks, I convinced myself that pressing that button to record my activities was the answer to my prayers. Now I could introduce my treadmills there, my ice skating sessions and basically any other form of exercise I could think of. So I could see my statistics, share my way on Facebook and listen to my favorite songs to motivate me more. It is very important to see your own progress. When you see what you have achieved, you are more motivated. Now that he had Runtastic, he already had everything.

I never ran or jogged, just walking at an average speed of more than 4 kilometers per hour. Since October 2012, when I installed Runtastic on my phone, I had walked 5165 km and burned 591,591 calories. Along my path to weight loss, I have been working with my doctor. My maximum weight was 150 kg. My hemoglobin A1c level was 14% and I was taking lots of medication for my type 2 diabetes.

Joe Hilyar

Now, October 2015, I weigh 95 kilos. My A1c is 4.5% and I no longer take medication for diabetes. My cholesterol is in an acceptable range. On September 26, 2015, I walked my longest distance: 67 km at 1:49 p.m., burning 4,868 calories.

Joe Hilyar

If there is something I have learned on this journey towards weight loss, it is as follows:

With time and effort, you can achieve incredible things.

With a little help from the Runtastic app, you can get even more.

Joe Hilyar

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