How to Lose Weight Healthily in 2019

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How to Lose Weight Healthily. To lose weight there are always two options: the fast and less healthy way in which we suppress foods and nutrients and manage to lose weight in the short term but we will quickly recover it or the slowest, reasonable and healthy way, in which the balanced diet is maintained but restricting calories and spending more on exercise. Here are a series of tips to reduce weight in a healthy way:

  • Always supplement the diet with exercise:

     it is the best way to reduce calories, eating less and spending more. Remember that diet to lose weight without exercise is meaningless.

  • Better with fresh foods:

     precooked foods and prepared foods tend to have more fat and more additives than fresh foods.

  • Do not forget to eat the 5 servings of fruit and vegetables

    recommended daily: this way you will ensure that you do not lack vitamins or minerals and the fiber intake will be remarkable.

  • Eat slowly and chew well:

     the process of feeding is as important as the food you eat. Do not wait to be satisfied at each meal, this already indicates that you have spent eating.

  • Do not skip or meals:

    suppress  suppressing meals will only make you hungry and eat more than usual in the next. It is better to make more meals with less content than a few meals with much.

  • Do not forget to hydrate:

     water is very necessary for the proper maintenance of organic functions. Remember that the water does not make you fat and that the average needs per person is about 2-2.5 liters of water per day.

  • Do not become obsessed with losing weight:

     do not weigh yourself every day or constantly think that you have to lose weight. Weigh yourself every week or two weeks and think it’s a long-term job, don’t let the weight change your mood or dominate your life.

  • Consult with professionals if necessary:

    if you have to lose a lot of weight or it costs you enough to lose weight, it is no-nonsense to put yourself in the hands of a professional (doctor, nutritionist), since nobody better than him to advise you and follow up.

  • No miracle diets

     or diets that other people advise because they have worked for them. Each one is a world and your body reacts differently to a diet. Do not choose shortcuts when losing weight because soon you will regain weight and only dislocate your body with such weight fluctuations.

  • Be patient and set realistic goals that you can achieve. Do not forget that experts advise not to lose more than one kilogram of weight per week to perform a healthy weight loss.

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